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Questions to Evaluate Your CPA Firm

Business owners often are unable to differentiate one CPA firm from another other than by price. Nor are they able to evaluate their current CPA relationship. Here are questions/criteria for business owners to ask to help them evaluate their current CPA firm to determine whether a change is warranted:

  • Other than accounting, audit, and tax, has your CPA offered to provide any advisory services?
  • Are you aware of any additional services your CPA offers?
  • Are there services you would like from your CPA that are not being offered?
  • Would you say your CPA is proactive in the relationship with your company?
  • Does your CPA refer the services of other professionals to you?
  • Does your CPA refer you any potential suppliers or customers?
  • Does your CPA ever invite you to lunch to inquire how your business is doing?
  • Has your CPA ever discussed with you the “health” of your business from a financial statement perspective?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of what the financial statements are telling you about your business?
  • Do you understand the difference between expense and investment/ROI?
  • Does your CPA understand your business as well as you would like?
  • Has your CPA ever asked “how can we help your business be more successful?”
  • Is your CPA knowledgeable about your industry?
  • Does your CPA provide guidance to your strategic plan?
  • Does your CPA provide guidance to your succession plan?
  • Has your CPA introduced you to cost reduction or revenue enhancement experts?
  • If your CPA were more of a value-add service advisor, would the fees matter as much?
  • Is your CPA your most trusted advisor? If not, who is”?

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